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International Workshop with National Taiwan University, Chulalongkorn University, and Okayama University

Date: 10-11-58

An International Summer Science Workshop, Okayama University

The international summer science workshop was one of precious memory during my summer break.  Five chemistry students from Chulalongkorn University were chosen to participate the workshop.  The workshop was held on August 27 to September 4, 2015 at Okayama University, Japan.  There was three universities that attended the workshop; College of Science from National Taiwan University, Faculty of Science from Chulalongkorn University, and faculty of Science from Okayama University.  It was the first time that Chulalongkorn University participated this workshop.

The workshop was well-organised by professors from Okayama University, the workshop host.  The packages on accommodations, restarurants, maps, bus and train timetables and lecture materials were well-prepared and given on the bus after both Taiwanese and Thai students arrived at Okayama airport.  During the workshop, Japanese students always support both Taiwanese and Thai students by translating, communicating when buying or ordering foods, and also asked us about the places we would like to go or visit or foods that we would like to eat; sometimes they assisted to go with us in order to look after eventhough we told them that we were fine to go by ourselves.  As mentioned, the lectures were set with several fields of chemistry subjects; Physical chemistry, Inorganic chemistry, Supramolecular architecture, and Organic chemistry.  We also had quizzes for all classes after the lectures were finished.  Aprart from that, we had a special lecture class from Professor Shiuh-Tzung Liu, Dean from College of Science, National Taiwan University.

Although we had lecture classes, the workshop had assigned two trips for us to relax and rest; a half day trip and one day trip.  We went to Kurashiki for a half day trip, to see and enjoy the nature of Kurashiki city.  For half day trip, I like Ohara Museum of Art because it collects the modern and contemporary art from both Europe and Japan which most of them are reflected to Japanese culture.  For one day trip, we went to Kagawa, to have a bento lunch box with the view of Seto Ohashi Bridge, visit Marugame Castle, and make a Japanese traditional hand held fan called Uchiwa by ourselves.  Both trips were so good and awesome since we had time to travel and relax with our new friends and professors.


Written by:

Chutikarn Thichinphong

4th year student