New campaign to attract passengers to wear helmets while riding on motorcycle taxis

The Royal Thai Police has now come up with a new idea to encourage passengers to wear helmets while riding on motorcycle taxis.

Chemistry Chula Helmet silver nano full

   The police with the cooperation from Chulalongkorn University and the private sector have the idea after noticing many passengers riding on motorcycle taxis carrying the helmets on their laps or just hanging around, refusing to wear them.

   They found out later that it was a matter of health concern in sharing helmets. A large number of passengers refuse to wear them because the helmets were unclean and smelling.

   Owing to this fact, the Royal Thai Police has joined Chulalongkorn University, and Prime Nano Technology Co Ltd to launch a campaign to encourage passengers to wear helmets for interest of their own safety in riding motorcycle taxis in the city.

  Silver nano technology will be applied to disinfect and eliminate musty smell from the helmets now motorcycle taxis give their passengers to wear as forced by the law, but always refused because of the uncomfortable body odour from the helmets.

   Under the campaign called “Clean helmet, No smelling, and Riding safe,” service stations will be erected at main commercial and business areas, such as at Chulalongkorn, Siam Square and Chalermpao intersection to spray helmets with silver nano to eliminate the smell free of charge.

   But in the initial stage, 300 helmets coated with silver nano sprays will be distributed freely to motorcycle taxis at Siam Square and Chulalongkorn for use by their passengers.

   Royal Thai Police Deputy Commissioner Pol Gen Wirachai Songmetta said 77.83% of fatal traffic accidents during the 7 dangerous days were motorcycle accidents.

   Most fatalities were resulted from not wearing helmets, he said.

   He said wearing helmets could save lives of up to 37%, while those refusing to wear have risk of death and injuries six times higher than those who wear them.

   With the campaign of clean helmet, it was hopefully that passengers would turn to wearing more helmets when they become more friendly to health.



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