Undergraduate students

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Graduate students

Scholarships from the department

   1. Teaching Assistant Scholarship
   2. Research Assistant Scholarship

Scholarships from graduate shool

   1. The 100th Anniversary Chulalongkorn University for Doctoral Scholarship
   2. H.M. the King Bhumibhol Adulyadej’s 72nd Birthday Anniversary Scholarship
   3. 60/40 Support for Tuition Fee
   4. Teaching Assistant Scholarship
   5. Research Assistant Scholarship
   6. Tuition fees Scholarship for Master to Doctoral
   7. ASEAN Scholarship
   8. Scholarship for International Graduate Students
   9. THE 90TH Anniversary of Chulalongkorn University Scholarship
   10. CU.Graduate School Thesis Grant
   11. Overseas Research Experience Scholarship for Graduate Student
   12. Overseas Academic Presentation Scholarship for Graduate Students
   13. Overseas Academic Presentation Scholarship Option II for Graduate Student’s and Postdoctoral Fellow’s Publication
   14. Domestic Acadamic Presentation Scholarship for Graduate Student
   15. Postdoctoral Fellowship
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Research funding

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