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Organocatalytic Visible Light Enabled SNAr of Heterocyclic Thiols: A Metal-Free Approach to 2-Aminobenzoxazoles and 4-Aminoquinazolines

   The direct amination reaction of heterocyclic thiols has been developed in the presence of the nonhazardous photocatalyst Rose Bengal under irradiation of visible light. The reaction provides a straightforward approach to pharmaceutically and synthetically useful 2-aminobenzoxazole and 4-aminoquinazoline derivatives from the corresponding heterocyclic thiols with amines in good to excellent yields. Our photochemical reaction can be successfully adapted into a continuous flow reactor which is applicable for large-scale chemical industry. The key benefits of this reaction include the use of metal-free, low-cost Rose Bengal catalyst and practical operation (ambient temperature, open flask, and undried solvents)..

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Eakkaphon Rattanangkool, Mongkol Sukwattanasinitt, and Sumrit Wacharasindhu.

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